Our SaaS journey has just begun and I believe this decade belongs to Indian SaaS. Below are some of the potential whitespaces where we could see some SaaS companies (unicorns maybe?) emerge out of India. (This is Part 3 of a Series on India SaaS. In Part 1, I write about how SaaS is eating Software and why India is uniquely positioned to benefit from this revolution, and map the Indian SaaS landscape across segments. In Part 2, I write about Freshworks journey to India’s first SaaS unicorn and beyond. Do check it out!) So let’s dive right in!

Enterprization of Consumer Tools:

  • While…

Do you read about SaaS startups and wonder why they are becoming multi-billion dollar companies? Or what is their business model like and what metrics do they track? What are some upcoming interesting SaaS startups in India and why is India well positioned to produce potential SaaS unicorns?

If you are a beginner in SaaS, you should have most of these questions answered by the end of this piece.

India is among the fastest-growing Software as a Service (SaaS) markets in the world and is also home to some of the world’s leading SaaS startups. Technology has been the strength…

This is Part 2 of a Series on India SaaS. In Part 1, I write about how SaaS is eating Software and why India is uniquely positioned to benefit from this revolution, and In Part 3, I write about Potential whitespaces/ under penetrated segments in non-enterprise India SaaS landscape. Do check it out!

Freshworks (earlier called Freshdesk) has long been the torch bearer of the Indian SaaS ecosystem. It was India’s first SaaS unicorn, and paved the way for a second wave of young SaaS players who are on the way to making India a SaaS powerhouse.

Girish Mathrubootham founded…

Case studies of once market leaders that no longer exist!

Comparing the 1955 list of Fortune 500 companies to the 2017 list of Fortune 500, there are only 60 companies that appear in both lists. In other words, fewer than 12% of the Fortune 500 companies included in 1955 were still on the list in 2017, and 88% of the companies from 1955 have either gone bankrupt, merged with (or were acquired by) another firm, or they still exist but have fallen from the top Fortune 500 companies. Why so? …

Practo, which calls itself ‘Your Home for Health’, was the poster boy of digital healthcare until a few years back. It started of as a listing platform for doctors and helped patients discover relevant doctors & clinics. Over the years, Practo has expanded its offerings into hospital management, medicines delivery, diagnostic tests booking and insurance, among others. It has raised funding from marquee investors including Sequoia, Matrix Partners, Tencent etc. But not all seems to be going well. In Aug’20, Practo raised a fresh $32MM round with 50% lower valuation — Practo was valued $620 million in its series D…

In 1960, DC Comics introduced the “Bizarro” planet of “Htrae”. Created with a duplicating ray, the planet’s inhabitants are all imperfect versions of Superman and Lois Lane, doing “opposite of all Earthly things”.

They go to bed when the alarm clock rings. They eat only the peel of a banana. They earn degrees by failing subjects. And they invest in “bizarro bonds” that are “guaranteed to lose money”.

In today’s world, a bizarro bond is no longer comic-book fantasy.

The clamor for negative interest rates is now more than ever. Base interest rates have been negative in Switzerland, Denmark, Japan…

More than 100M small traders and wage labourers lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Have you ever thought how are they making the ends meet?

A fact: India is the largest importer of gold, importing 700–800 tonnes of gold annually in volume terms, and Indian households are the largest holders of the precious metal, piling up around 24,000–25,000 tonnes of gold worth about $1 trillion. That’s almost equal to Indonesia’s GDP!

Wondering how the two are linked? Imagine the life of those who lived their lives hand-to-mouth. …

Rachita Kumar

Private Equity Investor | Previously Public Market investing at Premji Invest | SRCC

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